Why us?

mst software GmbH has more than 5 years experience in various fields of IT. The CEO of mst software GmbH, Martin Stiemerling, for example, before establishing mst software, worked for various companies as a software developer and consultant. He was directly responsible for “MS Defrag” (1998), the first commercially developed defragmentation software for Windows NT in Germany, and later developed “mst Defrag” (2003), the world’s first defragmenter with proactive technology.

Since the inception of our company, we have always employed the most modern technologies, the latest algorithms and forward-oriented methods of software development and software design. We can help you with long-term projects or act as a trouble shooter when a lack of human resources or technological knowledge threatens a project with failure.


We offer specialized skills in the areas of

  • Web applications
  • Software development (Visual C++, C#, driver/kernel)
  • Software Design
  • Web portals and CMS systems
  • or Web Design

If you are interested in our services, please contact us directly. We can take a straightforward approach to your concerns and help ensure your project’s success.