mst TotalAccess – get full access!

Are you familar with the problem, that you, administrator, are not granted access to some files and folders? If you use mst TotalAccess, you will never again be bothered by “Acces denied” messages.

mst TotalAcces grants you access to all data on a storage volume. It does not even matter whether it is a hard disk or any other device – mst TotalAccess integrates with the operating system.

Sometimes, administrators have to take a look in folders like “System Volume Information” or personal folders of other users. Normally, to be able to do this, the security of this object has to be modified, sometimes it is even required to take over ownership. But not with mst TotalAccess! Just run it and get total access!

Standard versus Professional Version

With Standard Version, access to protected objects is granted when using the command line (cmd.exe). Professional Version enables you to use the tool of your own choice (Windows Exporer, backup tools etc.).


The main window.

mst TotalAccess has granted access to a protected object. This is depicted by the disk and the open lock (same is shown in the tray bar).


Hardware: Computer with storage medium.

Windows Version: Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, 32 Bit only.

You must be administrator in order to use mst TotalAccess.