mst Defrag – Defragmentation made simple!

The fragmentation of hard disk drives is, in today’s age of even faster processors and even more memory, the main reason for the gradual loss of performance in the system as a whole. Hard disk drives are by far the slowest components of a modern computer system, despite the shorter average access times and higher rotation speed of the disks themselves. Therefore maximizing the performance of the hard disk drive is essential in guaranteeing optimal system performance. Achieving best possible access time and optimal file placement play a decisive roll.

mst Defrag facilitate this process enormously. More…

mst Password – Change lost passwords on your domain!

Nowadays, passwords and PINs are used everywhere in daily routine – for online banking, on the Internet, even for simple home computers. A forgotten password is often an utter nuisance.

On computer networks, the loss of a password to an important account can result in serious trouble. Particularly in areas, where server systems run for years without human intervention, administrators tend to forget critical passwords. Previously, in such a case, the only solution has been a new installation of the server systems – a rather complicated,costly and time consuming measure. But now, a significantly better remedy is available – mst Password. Given a physical access, mst Password enables its user to change forgotten or lost passwords of arbitrary accounts on a domain controller. This includes domain administrators, too! Due to the way mst Password works, cryptographic keys and certificates remain untouched. Thus, access e.g. to EFS files (Encrypting File System) is ensured. Ready? Save your installation and your network! More…

mst TotalAccess – get full access!

Perhaps you have encountered the problem, where you, as an administrator, are not granted access to some files and folders? If you use mst TotalAccess Disk, you will never again be bothered by “Access denied” messages.

mst TotalAcces grants you access to all data on a storage volume. It does not even matter whether it is a hard disk or any other device – mst TotalAccess integrates with the operating system.

Sometimes, administrators have to take a look in folders like “System Volume Information” or personal folders of other users. Normally, to be able to do this, the security of this object has to be modified, sometimes it is even required to take over ownership. But not with mst TotalAccess! Just run it and get total access! More…